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Dan Klein, Long-Distance Hiker and Outdoor Educator

Name: Dan Klein

Occupation: Long-distance hiker, actual occupation varies seasonally

Place of Residence: Vail, Colorado

Background and Personal History: Dan “Mellow Yellow” Klein is, among other professional and unprofessional titles, a long-distance hiker. He has completed the Appalachian Trail (2010), the Pacific Crest Trail (2012), and 2,000 miles of the Continental Divide Trail (2014). In total, he has hiked over 7,000 miles and spent over a year and a half living on the trails. Additionally, Dan has led trail crews, where he has taught trail maintenance and construction, environmental education, wilderness safety, and backcountry living to high-school-aged students.

You can find more of Dan’s personal experiences and photos from his latest trek at www.HikerNation.net.

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