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Corinna Wood, Wise Woman Herbalist and Teacher

Occupation: Teacher, mentor and writer in the Wise Woman Tradition — from herbs to self love. Founder of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference and Red Moon Herbs.

Location: Earthaven Ecovillage, Black Mountain, North Carolina


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Honoring the Mother Earth: In a time where nutrition and healthcare is often delivered in boxes, bottles and pills, Corinna Wood has been advocating the healing and nutritional value of wild, local plants and herbs for 30 years.

A skilled herbalist and beloved teacher of women’s wisdom, Corinna has been spreading the Wise Woman Tradition—a path of earth-based healing and deep physical and soulful nourishment—for decades. Her life’s work is dedicated to connecting women with the Earth and yourself.

Green Living: One of the vanguard members of Earthaven Ecovillage — an off-grid, permaculture-based intentional community in the Blue Ridge Mountains — Corinna was instrumental in bringing its vision of sustainable, cooperative living into a functional reality.

As an early apprentice to world-renowned herbalist Susun Weed, Corinna developed a deep understanding of the web of life that combines the sciences with embodied experience, creating a truly holistic approach to living. It’s a path that Corinna is dedicated to, both philosophically and practically.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasures: Nettle infusion with a touch of mint and honey; freshly gathered salads of wild edibles — sorrel, chickweed, dandelion, lambsquarters, violet — topped with organic, extra-virgin olive oil and herb-infused vinegar; wandering in the woods and communing with the plants.

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