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Cindy Nawilis, SunFunder Community & Operations Lead

Name: Cindy Nawilis

Occupation: SunFunder Community & Operations Lead

Place of Residence: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Background and Personal History: Cindy is Indonesian but grew up in California, beginning at the age of 9. After finishing her undergraduate studies at New York University, she has worked in Indonesia for Kopernik and is currently with SunFunder engaging a global community of solar enthusiasts to create impact in off-grid communities around the world. Her hobbies change depending where she resides; currently, they are snorkeling, taiko drumming, and hiking Oahu’s amazing landscapes.

Current Projects: Fishkeeping, and perhaps aquaponics with time

More Places to Find Cindy on the Web: Read about Cindy’s Honolulu favorites on Herb & Lace and talk to her on Twitter at @cindiot