Christopher James Marshall, Small Home Author and Off-Grid Homesteader

Name: Christopher James Marshall Christopher James Marshall

Occupation: Author and Off-Grid Homesteader

Place of Residence: Oregon’s Cascade Mountains

Background: Christopher James Marshall lives off-grid in his owner-built small home in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.   He worked through the many real-life challenges to live debt-free by creating an affordable home with alternative energy and being part of the self-sufficient living community. He is the author of the DIY book, Hut-Topia: How to Create Sustainable Small Homes and Homesteads, and teaches these techniques through community education programs. (Find Hut-Topia in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Store)

New Projects: Christopher is hosting a community radio show, the "Wolf Pack Radio Hour", bringing informative and entertaining interviews and panel discussions on sustainability and abundance, broadcast live on FM at the Oregon Institute of Technology, and online anytime on YouTube.  Christopher is beginning his second year teaching Hut-Topia classes at Klamath Community College: DIY Small House and Off-Grid Living Techniques.

Other Fun Facts: Chris designed and manufactured hard-shell backpacks ideal for the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys long-distance hiking and mountain climbing. He also designed and built a 70-square-foot transportable hut constructed with SIPs (structural-insulated panels) to live in during the construction of his small home. One fun fact about the radio show is the closing song is a modified version of "She'll be coming 'round the mountain". Now, the first line now is, "She'll be coming 'round the mountain when the grid goes down" — hopefully leaving the listeners with a bit of encouragement to take action on the sustainable ideas presented with the interviews.

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Hut-Topia: How to Create Sustainable Small Homes and Homesteads, Christopher’s book

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