Christopher James Marshall, Small Home Author and Off-Grid Homesteader

Name: Christopher James Marshall Christopher James Marshall

Occupation: Author and Off-Grid Homesteader

Place of Residence: Oregon’s Cascade Mountains

Background: Christopher James Marshall lives off-grid in his owner-built small home in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.   He worked through the many real-life challenges to live debt-free by creating an affordable home with alternative energy and being part of the self-sufficient living community. He is the author of the DIY book, Hut-Topia: How to Create Sustainable Small Homes and Homesteads, and teaches these techniques through community education programs. (Find Hut-Topia in the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Store)

Other Fun Facts: Chris designed and manufactured hard-shell backpacks ideal for the Pacific Northwest where he enjoys long-distance hiking and mountain climbing. He also designed and built a 70-square-foot transportable hut constructed with SIPs (structural-insulated panels) to live in during the construction of his small home.

New Projects: With the Klamath Sustainable Communities group, Christopher is leading a team to glean local fruit trees and process the fruit at a community kitchen. With the Klamath Solar Association, and back up on the mountain where he lives, Christopher is experimenting with electrostatic energy collection — and if that doesn't work, then he'll build a wind turbine.

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