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Chris Saenz, Wood Gasification Aficionado

Name: Chris Saenz

Occupation(s): Web developer, author, musician, mechanic, welder, wood gasser

Location: Frankfort, Kentucky

Background: Chris has researched and pursued many forms of green energy since 2007 when he read an article in MOTHER EARTH NEWS about a wood-powered truck from the 1980s. Intrigued by this, he tried building his own gasifiers, and found out how challenging it can be.

Since Chris’ first run-in with wood gas, he has partnered with the premier wood gas driver in the United States, Wayne Keith. Together, they run the Drive On Wood website, which helps wood gassers worldwide to share knowledge and build gasifiers with proven designs. Today, Chris proudly drives a wood-powered truck for his daily transportation.

 Personal History: Chris spent seven years on a homestead in central Kentucky, where his family raised cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, guineas, cats and dogs — and grew a market garden. Ultimately, his goal of eating well and living simply has carried forward into urban life. He also plays bluegrass country and old-time music in multiple local bands, and sings harmony duets with his dad.

Chris is a steam nut, as well, and regrets having missed the golden age of steam engines by nearly a century. Whether they will ever come back is hard to say, but there’s nothing he’d like more than a ride in a Doble steamer.                

Current Projects: Building a solar kiln, making a wood chunker, building a new gasifier                    

Other Fun Facts: Of all the state capitols, Frankfort is the fourth smallest. (That contest was lost to Maine, South Dakota and Vermont.) The small-town feel is wonderful, and carries a great sense of community.

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