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Chris Ponzi, Poet and Permaculture Designer

Occupation:  Writer, Poet, Teacher, Regenerative Explorer

Residence: Santa Marta, Colombia

Background: Chris Ponzi was once afraid of ants. Now he is an award-winning writer and poet whose work and life focus on healing and regenerating our connection to the earth.

He  has adventured the world while shedding his suburban skin as he learned to feel the land again. A grateful student of both contemporary earth pioneers as well as indigenous peoples, he has been well nourished by science and spirit while contributing to biodiversity-based farms and projects, conservation and land regeneration initiatives, and alternative communities.

Chris holds an English Literature degree from UCLA, and is certified in Permaculture Design, Nature-Based Practices, and is a trained meditator-mindfulness practitioner. He is passionate about regenerating forests, rivers, and local food systems that reintegrate traditional knowledge, improve biodiversity, and nourish land and health.

Current Projects: A native tree nursery to help regenerate dying land; documenting the myths and uses of indigenous trees; rediscovering the sacred language of ecology.

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