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Carrie Miller, Micro Farmer and Backyard Chicken Enthusiast

Name: Carrie Miller

Occupation: Writer, blogger, photographer, farmer, wife, and mother

Place of residence: Kinsman, Ohio

Background: Carrie grew up in a very small rural town in Northwest Pennsylvania, married her high school sweetheart and has two children. Her career in writing and farming began after a 10-year sabbatical of living in the city while her husband, Scott, acquired his college degree and pursued his career. Their family moved back to the country in 2013, where they began to grow their farm immediately.

Carries has spent her time raising chickens, pigs, cattle, bees, and goats. Living as naturally as possible in today’s world is her biggest goal for her family — no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals are used on our property. She spends a lot of time preserving the bounties through canning and freezing. Repurposing daily items around the farm in new and creative ways has also become a passion.

Writing and blogging is an accidental career for Carrie: One day, she sat down and wrote about her life on the farm and sent it off to a magazine for reader article. The article was picked up and published a few months later. The next thing she knew, she was writing a farm and cooking blog. Shortly after, she was added to Community Chickens blogging team, followed by freelancing for various magazine publications. Most recently, Carrie accepted the amazing opportunity to blog for MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

Current Projects: Researching and producing a new line of salves made with only products produced on our farm including yolk oil, goats milk, beeswax, mint, and much more; raising and breeding Oberhasli goats with the hope of building a small-scale goat dairy; and writing and blogging for some the greatest publication companies available.

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