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Carole Cancler, Author of ‘The Home Preserving Bible’

Name: Carole Cancler

Occupation: Writer; Business and technology consultant

Place of Residence: Seattle, Washington, and Kona, Hawaii

Background and Personal History: Carole Cancler has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with cooking. Her American mother and Slovenian grandmother instilled in her a love of good food.

In 1990, she began traveling internationally, most often to attend cooking schools, explore food markets, and taste the cuisines of the places she visits. She has traveled by jet, train and ship to over 20 countries on four continents, including Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, and Thailand. Still on her list of places to see (but not limited to!) are India, Greece, Argentina, and Tahiti. She loves studying about the anthropology of food — particularly how indigenous foods have traveled and been integrated throughout the world.

A Seattle native, Carole holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Washington. She also studied at several schools in France, including Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Chef Carole owned and operated Private Chef Natural Gourmet in Seattle, Wash., for 14 years. Her company specialized in custom frozen gourmet meals.

Prior to that, Carole spent 11 years at Microsoft as a software engineer and program manager. Currently, she focuses on business and technology consulting for companies in a variety of industries, including construction, entertainment, food and beverage, health and fitness, and nonprofits. For fun, she teaches cooking classes and volunteers at local farmers markets.

Her first book, published in September 2012, is The Home Preserving Bible by Carole Cancler (Author), New York: Alpha Books, 2012. Paperback. ISBN-13: 9781615641925.

Why this book? As Carole states: “I jumped at the chance to write The Home Preserving Bible for a whole bunch of reasons: a passion for food history, thirst for knowledge, concern about our food system today, and desire to collect as much information about the many different food preservation methods—historical and current—in one place.”

Current Projects: Building websites for small business owners, writing and teaching about food preservation methods, and writing her first novel. Carole also likes to preserve food throughout the year: canning and drying seasonal produce, fermenting and pickling vegetables, and preparing frozen homemade dishes for quick and delicious meals.

Other Fun Facts: Carole is not fond of broccoli or escargot. She makes quilts and likes origami, paper airplanes, kites, and puppetry.

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