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Carla Resnick, Permaculture Designer and Teacher

Name: Carla Resnick

Occupation: Operations Manager at Valley Oak Tool Company, Gardener, Permaculture Designer and Teacher, Chicken flock keeper, Graphic designer, Artist

Place of Residence: Chico, California

Background and Personal History: Carla is a lifelong gardener who learned at the age of three the magic of turning one potato into many simply by putting it in the ground and waiting a while. In 2008, she earned her permaculture design certificate with the Permaculture Institute at Seeds of Change research farm in New Mexico. In 2010, she earned certification as a Permaculture Teacher with the Permaculture Institute at Lots of Life in One Place farm, in New Mexico. She has been a California Master Gardener since 2010.

Carla lives on half an acre of prime gardening soil in Northern California and has been converting a lawn in her front yard into a rich biodiversity, and transforming her backyard from an English ivy-covered space into a food forest with chickens. She only uses human-powered tools in her gardens.

Current Projects: Breeding five-toed, crested chickens; breeding peaches.

Other Fun Facts:  Carla cures olives from her own trees, grew a few cotton plants just to see what they looked like, and is working on perfecting her peach chutney recipe (which she never writes down).

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