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Carrissa Larsen, A Beginning Homesteader in Maine

Name: Carrissa Larsen

Occupation: Move coordinator and homesteader

Place of Residence: Standish, Maine

Background and Personal History: Carrissa was raised in northern Vermont and has always loved a simpler life in the country. She’s always had a passion for animals, and nothing makes her happier than being on horseback or spending time outside in the sunshine.

She put herself through college as a single parent, and when she graduated, she made the move to southern Maine to be with her husband. They’ve spent the last eight years living in Maine and loving it, and have recently bought their first home and are working hard to make it a working farm.

Current Projects: Breeding rare-breed heritage chickens, preparing for the arrival of her first goat kids, preparing to put in fencing for the spring, building chick brooders, rebuilding her 200 year-old farm house, sprouting seedlings, and expanding her goat care knowledge, just to name a few.

Other Fun Facts: Carrissa is a closet zombie fanatic, and hopes her self-sufficiency projects will be really helpful if the zombie apocalypse strikes.

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