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Candis Calvert, Suburban Homesteader

Name: Candis Calvert

Occupation: mental health professional, writer, crafter, entrepreneur

Hobbies: travel, reading, journaling, food

Place of Residence: Louisville, Kentucky area

Background and Personal History: Candis spent her early life on a small farm in Southwest Georgia, learning from three generations how to be (mostly) self-sufficient.  Years spent gardening, raising pigs, chickens, turkeys and rabbits, plus foraging for fruits and nuts, gave her a keen appreciation of the labor involved in feeding a person. After decamping to the metropolis of Atlanta, Candis spent 13 years immersing herself in urban culture before being reminded of her homesteading past through her work with Outward Bound Atlanta. Since that time, she and her partner have tackled a variety of DIY and homesteading projects aimed at making them more self-sufficient in the urban jungle. From dumpster diving to gleaning, canning to soap-making, she’s tried a fair amount and is planning a ton more.

Current Projects: Mastering mozzarella, bottling hard cider, and fermenting vinegar

Other Fun Facts:  My partner and I spend an inordinate amount of time tending our livestock: a teacup Chihuahua and a Scottie/Schnauzer. We’re currently in the process of transitioning from an urban homestead that we rent, to a (sub)urban homestead that we own.

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