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Camille Davis, Clean Technology Blogger and Advocate

Name: Camille Davis

Occupation: Camille is a Bioresource Engineering student at McGill University. She is also a blogger for CleanEdison, a clean-tech training provider based in New York City.

Hobbies: Camille is a passionate long-distance runner and hiker, an avid reader and an enthusiastic singer.

Place of Residence: New York, New York

All about Camille: Camille’s passion for a greener future finds its roots in her childhood spent in South Africa and Switzerland. She was lucky enough to be in South Africa to celebrate a decade of democracy. Camille learned early on to appreciate the value of freedom and understand that there are more ways than the apartheid to limit freedom, such as adequate access to necessary resources.

In Switzerland, Camille took the ever-punctual train in morning, learned that everything can be recycled or composted and receving 70% of electricity from beautiful waterfalls up in the mountain, Camille could not help but become interested in renewable energies. Thus Camille’s childhood inspired her to choose Bioresource Engineering as her field of study. She focuses on Energy and Food Security.

Recent Adventures: Camille recently completed a field study trip to Cuba. Alongside twenty other students she toured the island, visiting urban and rural farms and agricultural research facilities in order to learn how the Cuban population has adapted to the very real necessity of producing and obtaining enough food whilst still conforming to government policy. Studying in Cuba proved to be a unique life experience.

Fun Facts:

  • In order to get his class more interested in physics, Camille’s 10th grade physics teacher spent an entire year building a fully functional plane with his class; it definitely got one student interested in the application of physics.
  • Camille has lived on both hemisphere’s, on three continents, in four countries and travelled through fifteen countries.
  • If asked to sing Karaoke, Camille would sing September by Earth Wind and Fire
  • Camille’s favorite food is Hawaiian pizza with olives
  • If asked to spend one month living in a TV show Camille would want to spend it in Who wants to be a Millionaire.
  • Camille believes the color blue tastes like cotton candy

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