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Brian L. Fuder, Square-Foot Gardening Instructor

Occupation: Educator, gardener, and carpenter

Residence: Moorhead, Minnesota

Background: Brian always has had ample opportunities to garden. Since a small boy, as far back as he can remember, gardening has been a part of his life. Brian’s parents and grandparents on both sides were all gardeners, so he came by it honestly.

Brian is especially proud of his affiliation with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. Mel Bartholomew started this way of gardening 42 years ago, and through the wonderful efforts of his son and daughter-in-law, it continues to grow and flourish still in Mel’s absence. Brian remembers watching “The Square Foot Garden” on PBS when he was in high school, many years ago, thinking Mel had the greatest job in the world. Now his daughter-in-law, Laura, says that he does: Brian is a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor.

Brian builds Square Foot Gardens for people with various types of disabilities, such as mobility, memory, physical limitations, developmental, and behavioral issues. He serves these people of all ages, “To provide gardening and its benefits to all, regardless of ability.” He has worked with many people over the past several years to bring gardening to those who thought it was something they could no longer participate in. He also donates many gardens to people who request them. A short list includes two sisters who have been blind since birth, a young lady with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM), a young mother with MS, an elderly gentleman with Alzheimer Disease, plus many more. Brian finds a lot of pride in these folks and loves to see them able to do things again that they once enjoyed so much.

He owns a small business called Square Foot Gardening for the Red River Valley and is an approved vendor of products for the Square Foot Gardening Foundation. He builds gardens that are wheelchair-accessible and mobility-issue friendly. He hand-builds each garden in a small shop in his backyard along with help from his wife and two “gardin’ dogs”. Brian provides gardens and gardening activities to senior communities, memory care facilities, school-age programs, and daycare facilities. Proceeds from sale of all gardens help to benefit the veterans that proudly and unselfishly served our country.

When he’s not gardening, Brian teaches civil engineering, surveying and construction management classes. You can find information about him, his projects and products at Follow Brian’s activities on Facebook and at Semper Fi Fund.