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Brian Kaller, A Homesteading Journalist in Ireland

Name: Brian Kaller

Occupation: Newspaper columnist and publisher liaison

Place of Residence: County Kildare, Ireland

Background: Brian Kaller reported for newspapers in Kansas and Missouri, covering farms, crime, and politics. He wrote a science column for children, worked as a film critic, and managed a weekly magazine. Then, several years ago, he moved his family to rural Ireland, where they built a homestead and study traditional ways of life.

He collects interviews with elderly Irish, many of whom grew up without electricity, cars or modern media, with skills and knowledge that much of the world has forgotten.

When not working a day job in Dublin, Kaller writes a weekly column for an Irish newspaper, blogs at Old School School and writes freelance pieces for the American Conservative, Front Porch Republic, the Dallas Morning News and other publications. Most importantly of all, he raises a daughter.

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