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Brandi Woolf, Folkways Farmer

Name: Brandi Woolf

Occupation: Mama, Wife, and Homemaker/keeper of all things awesome, Seamstress, Earth Steward and Student of Life, Homesteader, Story-teller, Joy-bringer

Place of Residence: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Life Experience: Inspired by the desire to plant roots, both literally and figuratively, Brandi left behind her gypsy lifestyle and began to live more intentionally with her husband and children on their small urban farmstead on the west side of Colorado Springs. With the birth of their second child, Brandi chose to become a full-time homemaker and now spends her days learning the ins and outs of yogurt cultures, cloth diapers, and dairy goats, among other things. She loves food and is proud that she is finally confident in the kitchen, cooking from scratch. Brandi appreciates the experience of creating something out of nothing and is a true believer in living simply, and doing well with what you have.

As well as being a homesteader and homemaker, Brandi runs a small cottage business, Bloom Daisy, working out of a vintage camper in her front yard, where she creates clothing and accessories for the whole family. She also enjoys the feeling of squishing mud between her toes while she assists her husband in building cob (clay, sand and straw) structures through his own homegrown passion, Colorado Cob Company. On her own homestead, you will find a chicken coop, greenhouse, and bread oven all build out of Cob. Brandi enjoys sharing her experiences on her blog, Folkways Farm, and hopes to one day create hands-on workshops and learning opportunities for those seeking a more sustainable way of life.

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