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Bob Post, Waste-to-Energy Mechanical Engineer

Name: Robert “Bob” Post

Occupation: Bob is a mechanical engineer working in the waste-to-energy field. By day, he designs process machinery which converts solid waste into coal replacement fuels to generate electricity or heat cement kilns. After hours, Bob is a recycler, composter, gardener and inventor.

Location: Near Indianapolis Indiana

Recycling and Composting Background: Bob has been recycling since the 1980s and composting since the 1990s. Bob contributed to the book How to Build, Maintain, and Use a Compost System: Secrets and Techniques You Need to Know to Grow the Best Vegetables by Kelly Smith where Bob shared his designs for a rotating composter drum you can make at home.

Bob has also recycled, renovated and updated several houses with lots of help from Debbie, his wife. Many updates were needed to improve efficiency and little money was available, so the couple learned how to do things themselves. Their latest upgrade a remote control motorized skylight to exhaust excess moisture from the bathroom. Natural convection carries moisture out of the house without noisy fans.

Current projects: At their new homestead in rural Indiana, Bob and Debbie are clearing trees for a greenhouse and an aquaponics system with chickens and beekeeping to follow.

Other Fun Facts: Bob and Debbie have two rescued dogs who patrol the garden, keeping unwanted guests out of the garden.

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