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Anna Twitto, Clinical Nutritionist and Aspiring Homesteader in Israel

Name: Anna Twitto

Occupation: Anna Twitto is a clinical nutritionist, aspiring homesteader and homeschooling Mom.

Place of Residence: Israel

Background: Anna’s academic background in nutrition made her care deeply about real food and seek ways to obtain it. Thus sprung Anna’s interest in backyard gardening, chicken and goat keeping, recycling and self-sufficiency.

Current Projects: Anna and her husband live on a plot of land in Israel. They aim to grow and raise a significant part of their food by maintaining a vegetable garden, keeping a flock of backyard chickens and foraging. They are also currently planning a move to a small cabin they hand built.

Simplicity, creativity, and a connection to land, livestock and nature form a significant part of Anna’s homeschool curriculum. Anna’s other passions are heritage chicken breeds, hand-crafts and writing fiction.

More Places to Find Anna on the Web:

You can also connect with Anna through her Facebook page, find her on Earthineer as SmallFlocksMom, and read about her current projects on her blog, Domestic Felicity. Find Anna’s books on her Author Page on

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