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Ann Katelyn, Alabama Homesteader and Botanicals Enthusiast

Name: Ann Katelyn

Occupation: Homesteader

Place of Residence: Ashland, Alabama

Background: Ann has dedicated most of her life to gardening. She has been a fan of flowers and plants ever since she was a kid, and has studied the varieties, ranging from the popular, world-class roses to the rarest and most exotic orchids.

Blogging also plays a special role Ann’s life. This is where she meets interested readers who are more than willing to share information about gardening. These interactions with fellow gardeners may start from the type of seed they grow, down to the time of sowing, fertilizer brand, and a whole lot more. Ann hopes her advice will benefit beginners and veterans who really want to excel in gardening.

Current Projects: Ann is now trying her best to become well-versed on plants found in desert areas, the tropics, and the Mediterranean region. She still needs to be knowledgeable about so many kinds of botanical life.

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