Angela Blackerby, Kansas Gardener

By Staff
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Angela Blackerby, Kansas Gardener(d)

Occupation: Teacher and part-time Gardener

Hobbies: Reading, gardening, cooking, eating and camping. 

Place of Residence: Wichita, Kan.

Gardening Philosophy: If you aren’t having fun while you are gardening, what’s the point?  I enjoy laughing at my mistakes and gardening failures.  I think it makes the small successes sweeter.

Personal History: I was born and raised in Texas, but have also lived in Nebraska, California and Kansas.  Now that I am a gardener, I look back and try to imagine what I could have grown in all of those different climates. 

Current Projects: I am currently working on documenting my first year of vegetable gardening. 

Other Fun Facts: I believe strongly in organic gardening and reducing your impact on the planet through small steps!  Every little bit makes a difference.

More Places to Find Me on the Web:   My Kansas Gardenerd blog.