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Amy Kefauver, Writer-Homemaker and Alpaca Enthusiast

Name: Amy Kefauver

Occupation: Freelance writer, editor, homemaker

Place of Residence: Damariscotta, Maine

Background and Personal History: Amy has worked in educational publishing for over 35 years, writing for students, teachers, and parents. She met her husband, artist and graphic designer, Will Kefauver, at the office and that meeting resulted in a mixed marriage of art and editorial — shocking for those days. As life partners, they have collaborated on publishing projects, and now are embarking on starting new careers and new lives in mid-coast Maine.

Amy will be supporting her husband’s career as a fine artist and teacher by planting a 4-season flower and vegetable garden, providing his students with an ever-changing palette of texture and color. She may also cook for them. 

Current Projects: Amy is accepting freelance editorial work, blogging, and still unpacking from the move. That last project may take a few years.

Other Fun Facts: Amy was actively planning to become an alpaca breeder when the economy crashed. Instead of feeling sorry for herself that her dream had evaporated, she took her 700+ photos of alpacas, nicely asked her designer husband to partner with her, and together they self-published Here I Am! Alpacas in Amerca, a children’s book about alpacas. This book has been well-received, and can be found in many farm stores on alpaca ranches across the nation.

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