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Alexis Griffee, Homeschool Mom and Homesteading Writer

Name: Alexis Griffee

Occupation: Writer, Homesteader, Homeschool Mom

Place of Residence: Clovis, New Mexico

Background: Alexis is a sleep-deprived and coffee-fueled homeschool mom, homesteader, mule rider, military wife and a freelance writer. First and foremost, she is a wife of 13 years and a mother of four beautiful kids. Juggling it all can be a challenge at times, but there is nothing she would ever change (most days anyway).

Be prepared — Alexis’ writing is real life! Her family is not always butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes, it comes with arguing kids, mules that get out of the pasture, and last-minute deployments. As a writer, her promise to you is to bring it all to the table: the good, the bad, and the caffeine-fueled life lessons. Her goal for writing is that MOTHER readers can learn from both her successes and mistakes, and that these will help you in your own life.

When Alexis gets a chance to step away from the mom and farm duties, she is a freelance writer. She mainly writes for Countryside magazine, but has also been published in Backwoods Home, Molly GreenHoegger’s Farmyard, and other publications. Currently, she is also pursuing other writing opportunities, as well as working on a book series for young readers.

As a mother, Alexis’ heart is with children. As a homesteader, it also is with the land and livestock. Her writing shifted focus to homesteading after working with youth in different agricultural programs. She was disturbed about the lack of youth involvement, limited adult volunteers, and the politics that were taking the experience and opportunities away from these kids. From there, she started tackling issues through the strength of the pen and paper. She hopes to encourage adults, engage youth, and provide educational opportunities along the way.

Current Projects: Alexis’ main project at this time is renovating the new farmhouse that she purchased in New Mexico. She and her family were very fortunate to find an ideal home, with a good amount of land and in the location that we wanted. The farm had been renowned in the area for its beautiful gardens. Due to the aging owners, the house is in need of updating, and repairs, while the barns need to be refurbished and the gardens need tending. Despite the work, Alexis is excited to have the opportunity to breathe new life into this amazing property.

Other Fun Facts: Although she grew up with horses, Alexis love mules. Her family currently has four mules and two horses.

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