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Alexia Allen, Permaculture Farmer and Traditional-Skills Educator

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Occupation: Farmer, teacher, and homestead orchestrator

Residence: Western Washington State

Background: After studying biology, Alexia moved to Washington State in 2001 to continue her studies at Wilderness Awareness School. Captivated by nature connection, she worked at that school for 12 years before realizing she needed to focus on farming full-time. Running a small farm blends her favorite activities: fascinating science, keen observation, and endless outlets for creativity.  Her wonderful and tidy husband, Daniel Kirchhof, builds beautiful structures to house humans and other creatures. A stream of short- and long-term farm residents provide the extra person-power to keep the gardens weeded, the goats milked, and the bunnies fed.

Alexia’s background in biology and wilderness survival skills turns out to be a perfect foundation for running a diversified homestead. Local year-round eating is an ancient human project that deeply satisfies her values of authenticity and connection. From soil science to dairy goat nutrition, from harnessing horses to sewing clothes, this resilient local farmer enjoys a Renaissance woman life with something new every day of every season.

Connect with Alexia at Hawthorn Farm.

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