Alexander and Ashley Poptodorov, Naturopathic Medical Degree Students

Name: Alexander PoptodorovAlexander And Ashley Poptodorov Wellness

Occupation: Health and Wellness Expert and Owner of A+A Wellness in Atlanta

Place of Residence: Atlanta, Georgia

Background and Personal History:

Alexander is a health and wellness expert who has a passion for helping others to achieve their very best through optimal living. He is a micro-biology major who has 16+ years helping others achieve healthy lifestyles through nutrition. In 2005, Alexander opened his own wellness facility and has helped countless people throughout the years. He and his wife, Ashley, are owners of A+A Wellness in Atlanta, Ga., and Ashley is a walking testimony for Alex. With his help, she was able to lose 80 pounds and went from 208 pounds to fit and feeling great!

Today, Alex has embarked on his newest adventure, obtaining his N.D. Degree. He is excited to detail his journey and experiences with you and get you excited about the endless possibilities of being healthy!

Current Projects:

Alexander is currently pursuing his N.D. Degree

Other Fun Facts:

Alexander and Ashley have been married for 7 years. Ashley was a huge inspiration for Alexander to pursue his love of nutrition and health no matter the cost. He was pursuing becoming an orthopedic surgeon until Ashley’s gentle guidance made him realize this was not his passion.  Alexander’s lifelong dream is to own a farm with his wife and one day be able to live self-sustainably.

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