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Agatha Noveille, Associate Educator and Marketing Assistant at The Herbal Academy

Name: Agatha Noveille

Occupation: Author; Herbalist; Associate Educator and Marketing Assistant at theHerbal Academy   

Place of Residence: Dalton, Georgia

Background: Agatha grew up in gardens, and under the teaching of her grandparents, she learned how to identify native plants and how to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs in miniature Edens that reflected the personalities of their caretakers. It was only natural that she blossomed into a plant-related career, and she is now a writer and herbalist in Dalton, Ga.

Agatha is the founder and director of the Common Branch School, a community herbalism project, and is especially interested in herbal emergency preparedness strategies, community wellness topics, and native and naturalized plants.

She aspires to honor the accessible nature of folk herbalism while drawing on tradition and science to frame an approachable, dynamic vision of herbalism for the future. Her personal blog, The Independent Herbalist, is a lively mix of DIY projects, introspection, and creative inspiration for spirited herbal living. 

Her book, Adaptogens: Your Guide to Radiant Health, is a handbook for using herbs to improve mood, energy, and immunity that includes more than 75 unique herbal recipes and elixirs.

Agatha is also thrilled to be part of the team at the Herbal Academy, where she is the marketing assistant and an associate educator.

About the Herbal Academy: The Herbal Academy is an educational resource offering affordableonline herbalist training programs for students at all experience levels. Aligning with its mission, the Herbal Academy celebrates the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with some of the most brilliant and well-known educators and authors in herbalism.

The Academy works with seasoned herbalists, a bevy of clinical herbalists and folk herbalists, and medical professionals to create curriculum that is rooted in the wisdom of folk and global healing traditions, modern herbal practice, and science. The course curriculum is strengthened by the contributors’ multiple points of view, extensive experience, and passion for the art and science of herbalism.

Herbal Academy programs offer multiple levels of comprehensive herbal education, ranging from very beginner to the advanced clinical level. Set your foundation in theIntroductory Herbal Course, explore herbal therapeutics for body systems in greater depth in theIntermediate Herbal Course, prepare for business endeavors in theEntrepreneur Herbal Course, and delve into complex clinical topics in theAdvanced Herbal Course.

Through the Herbal Academy’s training paths, students will gain the knowledge and experience required for careers as professional herbalists, and with additional hands-on training, clinical herbalism. All programs are held online, and designed with an international classroom in mind.

View all herbalist training programs and path packages on the Herbal Academy’s

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