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Aaron Miller, Pacific Northwest Gardener and Herbalist

Aaron Miller

Occupation: Automated Building HVAC Control systems

Place of Residence: Olympia, Washington

Background and Personal History:

Aaron was born and raised on almost 200 acres of Missouri farmland and has carried that strong appreciation of “caring for the land that cares for you” with him wherever he goes. After high school, Aaron joined the Navy and worked as a Missile Technician on a Ballistic Nuclear Submarine for six years. With his enlistment over, he went to work for a Building Automated Controls company outside of Seattle, Wash., where he manages commercial construction projects and writes programming for automated heating and ventilation systems. He has been part of many LEED-certified energy projects over the last five years and is always looking for ways to cut energy usage and waste for his customers.

Aaron’s wife’s side of the family is a strong health- and wellness-oriented group. His wife is a Registered Nurse and is taking on herbal medicine in the style of Rosemary Gladstar. Aaron’s side of the family is where his homesteading roots come from. His father continues to tend a second generation cattle farm in Northwestern Missouri. With all these influences and strong people in his life, Aaron has many resources for all the topics he enjoys and thrives to learn more about. When he is at home, you can usually find him reading multiple books, researching online, or writing about what he is learning or thinking about. He is the writer who brings the collective wisdom of his large family together to share with the world.

Current Projects: Aaron and his wife, Michelle, grow organic food and herbs with compost from their homemade tumbler on a ¼-acre lot in Olympia Washington. The herbs are also dried on homemade drying racks and made into salves, tinctures, extracts and teas. They enjoy learning to do things for themselves and to live more simply. They are currently working to set up a home and online business with these products and to spread the word of how simple and easy making sustainable choices can be. Aaron’s focus is also on not just creating a simple life outside oneself, but calming the internal being with meditation and objective observations into one’s behaviors and psychology. He writes about these topics in his personal blog.

Other Fun Facts: Aaron has two dogs, named Winslow and Chester, which are a Bulldog/Pitt Bull and long-haired Chihuahua.

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