Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Summer-Garden Basil Pesto Recipe

By Monica Sharrock

Combine garden basil with garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese to craft a delicious summer spread perfect for bread, pasta, and more!

How to Start a Food Pantry from the Ground Up

By Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition

Those who plan on taking the first steps toward getting their pantry in order may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. This primer will tell you everything you need to know about starting a food pantry and what foods are best to store.

Season of Smoke: 3 Hot- and Hay-Smoking Recipes

By Steven Raichlen

Bring exceptional flavor to backyard cookouts this season by trying these hay-smoked hamburgers, hay-smoked mozzarella, and smoked barbecued onions.

Pickle Recipes for the Picking

Intro by Kristi Quillen and Recipes by MOTHER EARTH NEWS Bloggers

Ferment or quick pickle your harvest with this assortment of homemade pickle ideas from MOTHER EARTH NEWS bloggers.


Outdoor Oven Cooking

Story and Photos by William Rubel

Go beyond bread and pizza. Learn strategies for firing your backyard oven and baking casseroles, vegetables, meats, and more.

Make Korean Kimchi from Any Garden Cabbage

By Melissa Souza

How to make healthy fermented Korean style kimchi from any cabbage.

Support Your Local Chicken Farmer or Be One

By Kurt Jacobson

A profile of a young chicken farmer, Cory Shallow.

The Pros & Cons of Eating Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

By Jennifer Poindexter, Morning Chores

Chicken eggs are the most consumed eggs all around the world. It's good, it's healthy, it's easy. But some people, out of curiosity or nutritional reason, might be interested in trying some other type of eggs, like duck eggs.

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