Real Food

How to find fresh, seasonal, sustainable foods, plus delicious, healthy recipes.

Perfect Weather Produces a Plethora of Peaches (with a Recipe for Stir-fry)

By Blythe Pelham

Sun, rain, and warm weather helped to create a bumper crop of peaches from our garden. With an interest in finding an unusual way to incorporate this summer delectable into a main dish, I made Peach Ginger Chicken for dinner.

Drying Produce: Simple and Easy

By Anna Twitto

Drying garden produce can be done easily and efficiently.

Food Trends 2017: Farmers, Foodies and Producers of Food Products, Part 1

By Lisa Kivirist

Here’s a round-up of the latest emerging food and beverage trends from the 2017 NRA Show put on by the National Restaurant Association, touching on changing culinary preferences, ingredients, food products or a new-fangled way of eating or drinking something.

Vietnamese Roasted Chicken Recipe from Miss Kim, a Korean Restaurant

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Savor a delicious, healthy meal with this Vietnamese Roasted Chicken recipe from Miss Kim, a Korean restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and accompanied by your fresh vegetables sautéed with sesame oil.


The Chemicals in Our Food

By Sue Van Slooten

There seems there is a never-ending supply of chemicals in our food. Now it is cheese’s turn.

Making Low-Sugar Jams

By Andrea Chesman

These recipes and tips offer a variety of options for preserving low- or no-sugar jams without commercial pectin.

Strawberry- Basil Scones for the Summer

By John D. Ivanko, Inn Serendipity

Take advantage of using your strawberries and basil for a moist, nutrition and delicious scone thanks to a recipe by Carol Passmore who taught the hands-on class at a Fustini’s Oils & Vinegars’ School of Cooking in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Food Storage Basics: How to Store and Protect Your Long-Term Food Items

By Tess Pennington, Ready Nutrition

Food is an investment into your future and your family’s livelihood. Therefore, you must do all that you can to protect that investment for the long-term. Using a multi-barrier system will ensure that the food is stored in optimal conditions and that the contents inside are protected for the long term.

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