The Yube Cube: Sustainable Modular Furniture and Storage

Reader Contribution by Susan Melgren and Web Editor
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Storage is a major problem for me. While I have plenty of space in my apartment, I don’t have the necessary closets, shelves and cabinets to hold all of my belongings, meaning most of the time my stuff is crammed (and therefore disorganized) into the few spaces I do have. In my quest to find sustainable storage, I ran across the Yube–and it looks like it could be the answer to a lot of my organizational needs!

Use Yube cubes to create side tables, entertainment centers and basic shelving. Customize your Yube cubes with shelves, drawers and sliding doors in various colors and patterns. Photo Courtesy Yube.

Yube president Jeff Greenstein says it best when he describes the Yube as “Lego for adults.” The Yube is a sustainable, modular furniture system built around a single cube unit. The Yube’s 13-inch modules can be snapped together in horizontal or vertical formations to create a variety of pieces, from a coffee table with storage to an entertainment center or even a desk.

The Yube’s outer panels are made from reclaimed sugarcane fiber. After the sugarcane juice has been extracted, the fiber is pulped and pressed into panels, each with its own unique pattern. The Yube’s frame is a non-toxic plastic and bamboo blend.

As a DIY-challenged person, I appreciate that the Yube requires no tools to assemble. Everything slides and locks into place using a series of mounting pins and frame locks. I also love how customizable the Yube is. Think of each cube as a basic building block. From there you can a variety of accessories: fabric storage drawers, feet for elevating the units, shelves, stickers and decals. Yube also offers a variety of doors in solid colors, print and customized images on its website. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can easily stencil your own designs on the side of the panels, too.

Create a colorful bedside table or coffee table with storage using Yubes. Photo Courtesy Yube.

You can use the Yube just about anywhere you can imagine. Here are some ideas from Yube on where you can use their modular cubes:

• Living room: end tables, entertainment centers, book shelves, coffee tables, room dividers

• Office: desk, shelves, end tables

• Bedroom: dressers, bedside tables, closet organization

• Kitchen: cookbook storage units

• Dorm room: clothing storage, study tables, shelves, snack pantry

• Garage: tool shelves, holiday storage units

Yube cubes start at $29.50 each, while accessories such as shelves and drawers range from $9.75 to $28.75.

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