Upcycled Art: Stylish, Eco-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Reader Contribution by Kristy Severin
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Whether you are creating art for your home or purchasing a new piece of art, consider using or finding upcycled pieces to give your space true artistic flair. Artists use found materials and objects in ways to express feelings, time, places and experiences that uniquely reflect their personal journey through life. Anyone with a passion to create can make their own upcycled art for eco-friendly home décor.

Photo By Jen Rothke via Etsy

One example of upcycled art is using vintage fabrics and/or old t-shirts that are sewn together to create a fiber assemblage such as the hand-stitched fiber collage with upcycled vintage embroidery created by artist Jen Rothke of Jensnextchance.etsy.com. Rothke uses vintage textiles and linens with colorful embroidery to create her pieces. A fiber collage can be personalized by using family memorabilia—a Grandmother’s handkerchief, a daughter’s newborn onesie, or a well loved husband’s t-shirt.

To create your own, you will need: a sewing machine, used fabric, thread, scissors, and your creativity. Start by cutting and laying out your fabric to fit into a frame, follow by sewing your pieces together in any fashion you like. Enjoy the process as you create your masterpiece.

Photo by Bonny Gorsuch viaEtsy

If sewing and fabric isn’t your thing, you can use chipped plates, vases, and glasses that can be broken down for a mosaic. Magazines, scrap paper and any other inspiring ephemera can be used to create a mixed media collage with just glue and scissors. A unique frame will accentuate your one of a kind upcycled artwork.

Kristy Severin is a mother of two, a certified art instructor, photographer, painter, writer and cook. She earned her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda, East Africa. Inspired daily by her children and love of the earth, you can find her fine art and writings at
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