The Search for a New Favorite VOC-Free Paint

Reader Contribution by Christine Wilson
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Christine Wilson is a financial analyst living in central Pennsylvania. She has a passion for environmental issues and, as a hobby, enjoys incorporating economical green design ideas into her many home improvement projects.

I am just your average, everyday office worker who dabbles in home improvement and repairs. Over the past several years one of my “staples” in home remodeling has been the Freshaire Choice line of paint. I was recently saddened when I found out that my local Home Depot was no longer selling Freshaire paint.  At that point I did a few web searches and ultimately decided to try Olympic Premium, which also claims to be VOC-free. I felt like a horrible traitor (against Home Depot) as I drove the few extra miles to my local Lowes store. The larger selection (when compared to Freshaire) was instantly overwhelming. However, I carefully narrowed my choices to a Bristlecone (medium brown) eggshell paint for the walls and an off-white shade for the trim in semi-gloss called Dogwood Blossom.

Olympic Premium Latex Paint in Bristlecone. Photo By Christine Wilson.

I opted not to buy the recommended primer, because the walls I was painting were originally white. Based upon my experience with the Freshaire paints I would need either three coats of paint, or one coat of primer and two coats of paint. My guess was correct. It took three coats of Olympic Premium to cover the wall adequately.

I finally finished one wall, and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I think I might have myself a new favorite paint.  Tomorrow when I move on to wall #2 I might try one coat of my leftover Freshaire primer under two coats of Bristlecone paint just to see if it makes any difference.

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