Wind Power Near You

Reader Contribution by Staff

It’s hard to appreciate how quickly the use of wind energy is growing until you see one of those giant turbines for yourself, or learn that a dozen or so are coming soon to a location near you. So how do you find out where the big wind energy projects are located? If you live in the United States, a few helpful online resources can tell you all about the state of wind power where you live.

Find existing projects. The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has a great map that shows wind projects by state, along with a complete list of existing utility-scale projects and a number of planned projects. Who’s at the top of the list? Texas is currently our ‘windiest’ state, after recently passing California for that title.

Locate the windiest places. Some places are naturally windier than others. You can check out this U.S. map to find out where the windiest spots are. (Or go directly to more detailed state maps.)

Learn about plans for the future. Whether there’s wind energy in your future depends a lot on which state you live in because many renewable energy initiatives are happening at the state level. The Department of Energy has a good summary of what’s being done to promote wind power state by state with lots of helpful links to learn more about wind power in your area.