Wind Farms Proliferating

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Photo by Fotolia/happystock
We appear to be in the dawn of a new era for wind farms.

“Wind farms ” are springing up all over California, and more are planned in states from Montana to New Hampshire, as the economics of wind-generated power become more and more attractive·to investors. Over 150 50-kilowatt-class turbines have been producing power for three firms (which, in turn, sell the current to Pacific Gas and Electric) in California’s Altamont Pass since early last year. Other such “farms” are operating in the Golden State’s Tehachapi Mountains, and if all goes according to the plans of Southern California Edison and several involved alternative-energy companies, more than 2,000 wind generators churning out 1,000 megawatts of current will be erected in the San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs by 1990. (That’s more than the Hoover Dam’s power output!)

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