What Is Your Opinion on Nuclear Power?

Reader Contribution by Lindsey Siegele
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Judging by the results of our recent nuclear power poll, many of you have strong feelings about nuclear energy and its potential role in the United States’ future.

The pros and cons of nuclear power have been well-documented for decades.

An increased reliance on nuclear energy has often been suggested in response to global climate change. Nuclear power doesn’t produce greenhouse gases like carbon-based fuels, such as coal.

Inversely, many environmentalists are concerned with the long-term effects of nuclear power. A good option for waste storage has yet to be found, and future generations may have to deal with the mess our use of nuclear power has created. Nuclear power disadvantages also include the cost of building nuclear power plants, which is astronomical. Because nuclear power only provides electricity, problems involving oil would not be solved. MOTHER EARTH NEWS has covered these issues at length in the articles, The True Costs of Nuclear Power and Nuclear Energy: Let’s Not Repeat Our Mistakes.

While many fear the dangerous implications of building nuclear power plants in our backyards, France has depended on nuclear power for over three decades, incident free. Read more about France’s nuclear power success in National Public Radio’s article, France Presses Ahead with Nuclear Power.

We want to know what you think about nuclear power. Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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