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Reader Contribution by Staff

Hi Everyone,

With growing interest in renewable energy and the shortage of high-quality of hands-on training and workshops, I thought many of you might like to know about some upcoming workshops at my educational center in east-central Missouri,

June 23 — Intro to Small Wind Systems  — learn the basics of small wind energy systems. This is a great Introduction! You’ll learn a ton in this one-day class.

June 26 to 30 — Wind Turbine Installation  — Learn how to install a downwind wind turbine on a 120-foot tilt up tower. It’s difficult to find hands-on experience you’ll receive in this workshop!

July 23 Home Energy Efficiency(Free!) — Great for aspiring professionals and homeowners who want to slash their energy bills and create more comfortable homes.

July 24 — Intro to Small Wind Systems — Required for our next class, starting on the 25th!

July 25 — July 30  Homebrew Wind Turbine Design and Construction — Learn how to build your own high-quality wind turbine for under $1,000! 

July 31 — Intro to Solar Electricity — A great intro to solar electricity for homeowners and aspiring professionals. This class will be taught in St. Louis, Missouri, not at our center in Gerald.

July 14 & 15 — Intermediate Solar Electricity — A much more detailed look at PVs, great for anyone wishing to learn more about PVs. This workshop is also offered in St. Louis.

For more information, please log on to our website and check out the schedule:

See some of you soon?

Dan Chiras

Director and Lead Instructor