Go Solar with Outdoor Lights

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Solar-powered motion-sensor lights such as this one from Sundance Solar let you add light wherever you need it without the hassle of electrical wiring.

Using free energy from the sun to produce electricity is one of the most effective ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and installing small-scale solar applications is a great place to start. Manufacturers now offer solar motion-sensing lights that are both affordable (about $100) and easy to install. Now you can add a light wherever you need it, without the hassle of adding electrical wiring.

We tested several solar-powered motion-sensor lights and chose to list only those products that meet the following criteria: A detachable cord that allows you to install the solar panel 12 feet or more away from the light (in order to take advantage of the sunniest spot); ability to detect motion at least 40 feet away; and a brightness of at least 20 watts.

$100; 100-percent product guarantee 

Heath Zenith
$90; 5-year warranty
Available at hardware stores.

$130; 100-percent product guarantee

Sundance Solar
$130; 6-month warranty

Sun-Mate Corporation
$100; 30-day warranty