Tell Obama's Energy Czar to Support Renewable Energy

Reader Contribution by Ramsey Cox

The recent announcements of President-elect Barack Obama‘s new energy policy team provides opportunities for citizens to voice their support for renewable energy before the team even enters the White House in January.

The Apollo Alliance wasted little time after Obama announced who would fill his energy cabinet positions.

Phil Angelides, chairman of the Apollo Alliance, urged people to show their support for the Apollo Economic Recovery Act by contacting Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, Carol Browner.

“We’ve got to make sure Browner knows thousands of people are counting on her to prevail over Big Oil’s powerful lobby,” Angelides said in an e-mail. “So in the coming days, we’ll flood her office with a chorus of supportive voices pushing for clean energy and good jobs.”

The Apollo Alliance proposed The Apollo Economic Recovery Act earlier this month. It is an economic recovery plan that encourages government to invest in green technology to create 650,000 green-collar jobs across the country. The stimulus plan costs $50 billion and aims to end the nation’s reliance on foreign oil by improving energy efficiency of building, increasing clean energy tax credits, expanding home weatherization programs, modernizing the transmission grid, increasing investments in rapid transit and repairing roads and bridges.

The Act has similarities to proposals made by Obama and the new members of his energy team.

For more information on the appointment of Carol Browner read The New York Times article about her and her new position created by Obama.