Our Shining Star

Reader Contribution by Aly Van Dyke
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It’s that time of year again, that weekend in October we all look forward to – no, keep the candy hidden and the lights in storage – I’m talking about The National Solar Tour.

Check out homes and buildings in your area featuring the latest in solar technology and pick up some tidbits on how to make your life naturally brighter.

This year, the nationwide event expects up to 150,000 people to turn out in 49 participating states – making it the largest solar event in history.

And the timing of this national Sun-recognition day couldn’t have come at a more exciting time for solar power. Earlier today, President Bush signed into law some eagerly awaited tax credits that will provide substantial support for renewable energy. They include support for commercial and residential solar power, as well as other forms of renewable energy including wind power, tidal and wave power, and geothermal energy. You can read more about the tax credits here from Renewable Energy World.

The tax credits were tacked onto the bailout plan, so maybe some good will come of it after all.

“This action will create over one hundred new U.S. jobs…, cut U.S. energy imports and slash greenhouse gas emissions, says Scott Sklar, President of The Stella Group, Ltd.

At this rate, the Sun may become more of a star than it already is!

So get out there this weekend and find out something you didn’t know about your community. And hey, let us know what you found out too.


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