Inspiration for Solar Projects

Reader Contribution by Lindsey Bugbee

<p>Do you want to have lower energy expenses and help the planet by using solar energy? Not sure where to start? If you’re searching for inspiration, have a look at this video compiled by Scott Davis. Davis started and continues to run the Yahoo! group <a title=”Simply Solar” href=”” target=”_blank”>Simply Solar</a>, where you can discuss anything pertaining to solar energy. Also check out solar energy expert Gary Reysa’s <a title=”solar heating plan for any home” href=”” target=”_blank”>solar heating plan for any home</a> and instructions to <a title=”build a simple solar heater” href=”” target=”_blank”>build a simple solar heater</a>. And you can find even more information on Reysa’s site, <a title=”Build It Solar” href=”” target=”_blank”>Build It Solar</a>. With a little bit of time and determination, you can create a structure that will help you live more comfortably, both physically and financially.</p>
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