Heating Fuel From Scrap Tires

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Photo by Fotolia/JCVStock
Scrap tires unfit for further life as retreads can still be rendered into a useful heating fuel.

High energy costs won’t tread on Bergey’s, Inc., a tire retreading firm in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. The company has installed a $600,000 pyrolitic-process system from Kutreib Corporation that Kutreib claims will turn scrap tires into methane gas and a liquid heating fuel that’s 4,000 BTU per gallon higher in heating value than conventional No. 2 oil. Furthermore, in addition to providing all of the gas and oil the company needs, the process will yield steel wire (scavenged from belted tires), nylon and rayon fibers, and carbon black — all of which are marketable. The combined savings and sideline sales, along with the help of federal tax credits amounting to $120,000, should pay for the entire system within just five years!