Small Steps Toward Energy Efficiency Upgrades

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Photo by Fotolia/Jiri Hera
Making energy efficient upgrades to your home can be expensive, but if you dedicate your spare change to small upgrades, such as new LED light bulbs, your mini investments can add up to big savings!

If you live on a tight budget, making changes for increased energy efficiency at home can be a challenge. I decided to upgrade to LED light bulbs, but then I saw they cost about $10 each. Because I needed 47 bulbs, I didn’t see the change happening any time soon. But one day, I was rolling coins from our pocket-change jar and wondering what I could do with the money. Sometimes I have $30 to $70 in spare change. Then it hit me: I could use this change to buy LED light bulbs! I bought three bulbs at Lowe’s for $36 and I love them. Then I decided, why stop there? After the bulbs, I can invest in insulated cellular shades, bathroom fans or ceiling fans. This change jar is now my energy-efficiency money. It’s an investment in my home and the environment that will have long-term returns. That’s what I call pocket “change”!

Jamie Thorp
Dawson Springs, Kentucky