Energy Bill Update: Weigh in Now

Reader Contribution by Staff

Things aren’t looking good for renewable energy in the new energy bill, but nothing has been decided yet. Here’s some background on what’s happening now: In August, the U.S. House and Senate passed different versions of an energy bill that had some exciting provisions for renewable energy. Now it looks like those provisions may be stripped out before the bill goes to the White House. Here’s a good summary of the issues from Renewable Energy Access, and another from the New York Times.

Numerous environmental sites are discussing these issues. You can find more on two of my favorites, Grist and The Sietch.

Also, it’s never a bad time to weigh in on these issues with your Congressional representatives. If you support more incentives for developing wind and solar power, now is a good time to call or e-mail the people who represent you in the House and Senate to let them know what you think.

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