Countertop Water Filtration Growing In Popularity

Reader Contribution by Seth Leitman
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Image by ExplorerBob from Pixabay 

A survey of websites and labels of more than 170 bottled waters sold in the U.S. found only three – and only one of the top 10 domestic brands – that give customers information about the water’s source, the method of purification and any chemical pollutants that remained after the water was treated, according to a new report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Nestlé’s Pure Life Purified Water discloses its water source and treatment method on the label and offers an 800-number that consumers can call to request a water quality test report. But the nine other top domestic brands – Coca-Cola’s Dasani, Pepsi’s Aquafina, Crystal Geyser, and – strangely – six other of Nestlé’s seven brands – don’t answer at least one of the three key questions:

  • Where does the water come from?
  • Is it purified? How?
  • Have tests found any contaminants?   

How Much To Get, Plus What About Countertop Filtration Systems? 

As I wrote on my website, health experts recommend drinking up to eight glasses of water each day, but relying on disposable water bottles can turn a healthy habit into a wasteful one. For purified water that’s kind to your wallet as well as the environment, look no further than your kitchen sink. These three options will give you clean water easily, no matter your lifestyle.

Countertop Pitchers 

If you’re looking for convenience and economy, a countertop pitcher is a smart choice. The filters, which are available at most major stores, have a long shelf life and can be replaced in minutes. They’re great for small families — you can simply fill up the pitcher in the morning and enjoy fresh drinking water all day.

Counter Top Water Filtration System For On The Go 

Larger families may prefer a faucet filtration system. Although these systems require some installation work, they save both space and time. You’ll get filtered water instantly at the flip of a switch, so you won’t have to refill a small pitcher multiple times a day.

Great-tasting LifeSource water is now available to renters, travelers and students. The LifeSource Countertop Unit contains a Greenblock carbon filter consisting of renewable, coconut shell based, activated carbon. The unit is certified by both the NSF and WQA to last for 2500 gallons without a filter change. The LifeSource countertop unit is the most Eco-Friendly choice in countertop units. Enjoy the taste of bottled water without the hassle, cost and waste. Simple installation. Easily moved. Includes a BPA free, 23oz reusable LifeSource Water bottle and a “Green” certificate signed by Ed Begley Jr who I have interviewed at the Go Green Expo and the Environmental Media Association in New York and LA. so he doesn’t really jump the shark on stuff like this.

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