Seminar Museum: Alternative Energy Systems on Display

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The Curnett solar furnace, one of many alternative energy systems displayed at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS seminar.
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THE CEC solar food dryer.
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A low cost air compressor.
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An experimental solar still.
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The 22-foot Minto wheel. 
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A solar tracking directional mirror.
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The Dunlite wind power generator.
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Practical building blocks.
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An improved solar air heater.

As you can imagine, everyone here in MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ North Carolina offices is eagerly anticipating this magazine’s first series of seminars, which are due to “kick off” on July 9, 1979! And–although these programs will be chock-full of solid information, advice, and helpful tips–there’ll be another opportunity open to our summer guests that’s just too good to be missed: the chance to inspect–first-hand–many of the projects that MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ inventive research crew have developed over the past few years, including some items that haven’t yet appeared in print!

For the first time, many of our alternative energy systems hardware will be on ”big as life” display, including such projects as the Curnutt solar furnace, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Minto wheel, the Shuttlebug automobile, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS waste-oil heater, the solar food dryer, and our low-cost, high-efficiency heat grabber just to name a few! But that’s not all: Working models of our various experimental alcohol stills, prototypes of some exotic solar hardware, and samples of homemade building blocks will also be on exhibit for all to see, plus the countless shop projects that have appeared in this magazine over the years.

And there’s still more! We know that there are plenty of folks who are eager to learn more about alternative homestead (or urban, or suburban) power sources, but haven’t ever had the chance to see an actual installation. Well, we plan to provide that opportunity! There will be two or three different windplants set up at the seminar site (including–possibly–a rebuilt Jacobs wind generator). Other environmentally oriented energy producers should be under construction (or completed) as well, such as a small hydroelectric generator that’ll take advantage of the free water energy that Mother Nature has to offer!

Remember, too, that the seminars will be held right on ours new property–the land that was purchased largely with the funds made available by thousands of lifetime subscribers who sincerely want to see the “Community of the Future” work. Architectural models of our proposed Eco-Village–detailed to scale–will also be on display, offering everyone an opportunity to see just how gently a community can repose among the hills and valleys of the countryside!

Best of all, these bonuses are–as we’ve said–in addition to the seminars themselves. We’ll see you here!