Sit Back and Relax With These Beautifully Idyllic Porch Photos

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Sit Back and Relax With These Beautifully Idyllic Porch Photos

By Annie Thornton, Houzz

Porches big and small provide a space between home and garden to gather and relax. They are especially enjoyable during transition months, as they allow us to experience the changing seasons up close while shielding us, somewhat, from the elements. In reverse order, let’s look at 6 of the most popular porch hangout spots, from photos uploaded from July through September, as measured by the number of people who saved them to their Houzz ideabooks during those months.

Aline Architecture Inc, original photo on Houzz

6. Kitchen pass-through. Pass-through windows make it easy for food from the kitchen to make it outside to the table. This New England pass-through window looks like it could also be a place to linger, enabling someone to hang out with the chef as the meal is being prepared but the party is going on outside. Open the casement window, pull up a seat and sit at the bar with a snack or a drink.

AP Design House, original photo on Houzz

5. Contemporary dining. Indoor-outdoor dining is the emphasis of this Australian porch, with a standout pedestal table anchoring the space. It would be an especially enjoyable place to be during a rainstorm, with the water pinging against the corrugated metal roof.

Straight lines are everywhere, repeated in the tabletop, decking, corrugated metal roof, window louvers and pillows, but having subdued colors and no additional patterns keeps everything feeling clean and balanced.

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Nathaniel Ebert, original photo on Houzz

4. Cottage-style hanging daybeds. In some climates, porches make it possible to stay outside as the fall rain comes or the weather cools off. In the hot, humid South, they help make summers more enjoyable. This screened wraparound porch in Florida keeps the bugs out, doubling as a lounge area by day and sleeping spot at night.

Thomas & Lord, original photo on Houzz

3. Multiple seating areas. In this wraparound porch in New England, white patio furniture and blue-and-white cushions tie multiple seating areas together, as well as reflect the East Coast beach style of the home. Outdoor area rugs help make each seating area feel distinct and self-contained.

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Log Home, original photo on Houzz

2. Oversize porch swing. If space and structure allow, there’s little better than an oversize porch swing to pass the hours. As is the case with this porch in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it’s especially great when there’s a good view to take in.

Carrie Brigham Design, original photo on Houzz

1. Taste of the tropics. Warm-colored wood, woven patio furniture and sea glass votives remind us that this porch is in the tropics, not that we need a reminder — the crystal blue skies and palm trees are giveaways.

Matching the lounge furniture to the dining furniture creates cohesion, while the distinct tables set the two seating areas apart.

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