3 Reasons to Invest in Fiberglass Windows

Reader Contribution by Paul Kazlov
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When it comes to choosing the perfect windows for your home, vinyl and wood windows are among the first considerations. In recent years, however, fiberglass windows have inserted their way into the conversation. For “green” home enthusiasts, installing fiberglass windows is not only a wise investment for your rising energy bills, but also a significant step toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

During the summer, you’ll want to consider fiberglass windows to try and trap the cool inside while staving off any excessive stuffy hot air from the outside. Photo by Paul Kazlov.

1. Eco-Friendliness

Made with 60% glass, fiberglass is a lightweight window product well-known for its outstanding energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness. While other window products typically contain environmentally harmful fillers and additives, fiberglass windows are made from some of Mother Nature’s most abundant and easily accessible materials: silica sand. In addition to being 100% recyclable, fiberglass has very low embodied energy and consumes 39% less production energy than vinyl. Even in its most raw and undeveloped form, fiberglass windows offers the most green and sustainable choice for your home.

While mostly known for their energy efficient value, fiberglass windows can also complement the aesthetics of a room. Photo by Paul Kazlov.

2. Durability

Fiberglass is a frame material known for its strength, durability, and performance. Besides offering great insulation and generous energy deduction, fiberglass windows are 8 times more durable than vinyl and 3.5 times stronger than wood/vinyl composites. When compared to vinyl, fiberglass windows are said to last 5 times longer.

Additionally, fiberglass windows are weatherproof. The superior thermal tolerance found in these windows also makes them impervious to window expanding, rotting, warping, cracking, or splitting. As a result, homeowners who chose fiberglass windows can sit back and enjoy their windows for at least 20 years before worrying about any replacement or repair.

Going green at home can make a huge difference when it comes to pay your energy bills. Photo by Fotolia.

3. Effortless Upkeep

The durability and extensive lifespan of fiberglass windows is complemented by its demand for minimal maintenance. Fiberglass windows have the best low maintenance rating on the market. In fact, a simple wipe down with your preferred glass cleaner is all you need to keep your fiberglass windows looking like new. Fiberglass windows do not peel, fade or discolor for a very long period of time. Even if signs of wear begin to take place, the smooth surface of fiberglass windows will make painting and repainting extremely simple. And when it is time to dismiss your fiberglass windows after decades of faithful service, you can be assured that your long-lasting fiberglass windows are free of toxin and can be economically transported out of your home.

From its manufacturing process to its final retirement, fiberglass windows are the green solution for homeowners who are interested in furthering their sustainable lifestyle. Fiberglass windows are eco-friendly, durable, and require virtually no maintenance upkeep on your part. The low production energy process and the recyclable content found in fiberglass windows make these windows an even more appealing window solution for the savvy and environmentally mindful homeowners. You can easily help decrease the world’s energy consumption with fiberglass windows by cutting back on the natural resource your home uses.

Paul Kazlov is a “green” home remodeling enthusiast and an industry pioneer for innovation in home renovation. Paul writes for the 
Global Home Improvement blog and strives to educate people about “green” products such as metal roofing and solar. Follow him on Twitter @PaulKazlov.