Could-Do Calendar October 2018

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 Could-Do Calendar October 2018

When the coolness of autumn takes over and harvest time nears its end, discover real, warming foods that will brighten your day.

By the Mother Earth Living Editors
September / October 2018

1. Whether you use a new recipe or an old family favorite, get baking on October 1, Homemade Cookies Day.

2. Practice canning or freezing to ensure access to homegrown produce throughout the winter.

Photo by Getty Images/kajakiki

3. Farmers are finishing their harvests too, which makes October 12 the perfect date for Farmers’ Day.

4. Clean the garden. Gently rake dead leaves, empty flower pots, and trim back fading plants.

5. Visit a pumpkin patch to choose gourds for making jack-o’-lanterns and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Photo by Adobe Stock/NOBU

6. Harvest Brussels sprouts after a hard frost. They’ll be much sweeter!

7. Whether you put on a costume, hand out goodies, or turn on scary movies, enjoy Halloween on October 31!

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