Tree House Club Beekeeping at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR

Reader Contribution by Gina Debacker
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Kids galore have been having fun learning how to make ice cream, how to draw and paint farm animals, which bugs are good bugs, how to make compostable seed balls and much more. Today at the Tree House Club, kids were learning why bugs are friends and not foes at James Zitting’s presentation “Beekeeping For Kids.” They were actively raising their hands to understand why you shouldn’t squish bees, what honey tastes good with, and how bees make their hives.

It was awesome to see how engaged these children were with the subject matter. With the rapid disappearance of honey bees, it’s important to educate our youth about the importance of pollinators so that we can make an impact in the future. One little boy from the Tree House Club named Griffin was very enthused about the beekeeping demonstration. Here’s what he had to say.

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