Them That’s Doin: Bobcat’s Product Launch

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by Joanna Will

Welcome to Them That’s Doin’, a department featuring homesteaders discussing what they’ve been up to. We want to know what’s caught your eye, and how you’ve been spending your time. Have you tried any new-to-you seeds, or tested a fresh recipe? Upcycled scrap items into something cool, or started a club? Tell us at In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been doin’.

Rugged, Comfortable Women’s Work Pants

I’ve spent a good chunk of my life wearing men’s work pants for farm and outdoor work, putting up with bunching fabric and a blocky silhouette in exchange for durability. When a pair of Dovetail Workwear Freshley Overalls came into my life recently, a new day dawned. These overalls have the rugged toughness of the men’s pants I’ve always relied on, with a fit and comfort I never imagined possible. The super-strong but spectacularly soft fabric and the stretch in the straps allow for a complete range of movement with no tugging or pulling. Pockets are sized and placed just right for all the tools I need when I head out for the morning’s chores, from my pocketknife and gloves to my phone and the occasional beer bottle turned bottle-lamb feeder. –Joanna Will, reader

tan fermentation pot sitting on a granite table with a yellow and red flowery oil jar next to it

A Well-Designed Fermentation Vessel

I’ve made plenty of sauerkraut in big crocks, small jars, and everything in between. But I’ve never made kraut in any vessel so well-designed as Stone Creek Trading‘s Fermenting Crock. This model is about as foolproof as you can get for kraut-making, so it’s handy for beginners, and it comes with instructions and recipes. It’s designed with a rim around the top that holds water and creates an airlock; you don’t have to remember to burp the crock, as the built-in airlock handles it for you. A pair of heavy glass weights come with the crock to keep the fermenting vegetables submerged in the brine. Handles make it easy to lug around. Handmade in Poland, this crock looks great on the kitchen counter too. –Rebecca Martin, editor

a baby goat standing on a woman's back while she does yoga in a park

Giving Goat Yoga a Go

I recently had the opportunity to try goat yoga! For this class, we set up our yoga mats on fresh hay in a heated barn, and our instructor brought in eight baby goats and a baby pig to run around us while we did an hour of yoga. The class incorporated moves and positions that allowed us maximum time to play with the baby animals, which I found significantly more calming than your average Downward-Facing Dog. I typically struggle with yoga classes because I have weak wrists, but being around baby animals helped me focus on something more enjoyable, leading me to a better yoga practice overall. –Jordan Moslowski, editor

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