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Reader Contribution by Staff

MOTHER EARTH NEWS has enjoyed a strong, engaged and active community of readers and contributors since 1970. Whereas in the ’70s that meant letters and workshops, today there are even more ways to stay in touch, inspire and help each other. In addition to reading Archive articles at, leaving comments, writing to MOTHER and participating in the online forums, you can also find MOTHER EARTH NEWS on social media sites:


Become a fan on Facebook at We post links to MOTHER EARTH NEWS articles and blogs that we think you’ll find especially interesting or useful, as well as other updates, such as the launching of MOTHER EARTH NEWS Radio. If you’re a Facebook member, you can become a fan of the page, rate a post a thumbs, see what other readers have to say and post your own thoughts. You can also easily share items you like with your friends. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account yourself, you can visit the page and see what we’ve posted and view other readers’ comments.


Follow MOTHER EARTH NEWS on Twitter at You’ll find links to new MOTHER EARTH NEWS content, ideas and suggestions, plus links to other great online content and event notices that we find. If you have a Twitter account, you can reply to questions we ask, comment on articles posted, or offer suggestions. Plus, it’s a fast and easy way to let your friends know what you’re reading and share the articles and ideas you like best.


Post your photos and view other readers’ images at, our photo-sharing site. Keep an eye on the homepage, as we run photo contests from time to time. Even without a formal event, we regularly search the CU site for great photo submissions and publish our favorites in the CU department of every issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine. You could see your photos in print!


You can also find us on YouTube at Check out our video channel and find a mix of videos we’ve put together and great videos we’ve discovered online. Have a video you’d like to share (one you found or made)? You can send us a message from our channel page to let us know, and your video might be added to the MOTHER EARTH NEWS video channel.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ways to receive MOTHER EARTH NEWS information and tips, to communicate with the staff, and to get in touch with your fellow MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers — a tremendous resource for advice, suggestions and support. 

We receive hundreds of letters from readers at various stages of living more fulfilling, self-reliant lives, from greenhorns to seasoned veterans. Make the most of this ready-made community, full of folks like you who are trying ideas, posing good questions and figuring out how to make their dreams reality. Ask questions; share your stories. A healthy, vibrant community is one of the most important elements of living wisely, so whether you choose to connect online or off — or both — dive in. Contact us, get to know each other — however you do it, let the fun begin! 

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