Photos from the Field: Evergreen Trees Surround Rustic Bunkhouse

By Staff
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Photos from the Field: Evergreen Trees Surround Rustic Bunkhouse

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October/November 2017

Our Flickr photo group functions as a place where photographers of all skill levels can upload images to share photos with each other and with us, and we then choose some of our favorites to publish in print.

Congratulations to those featured in our October/November 2017 Photos from the Field, whose photos are shown below.

A bunkhouse in Bakerville, Colorado, housed silver miners in the 1930s.
Photo by Ann Zimmerman

Two chipmunks look over Georgetown Lake in Georgetown, Colorado.
Photo by Ann Zimmerman

A wagon holds purple carrots grown for North Dakota State University’s Home Garden Variety Trials.
Photo by Jessica Harms

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